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The Critical Nurses Association of the Philippines Inc. (CCNAPI) invites all Registered Nurses to join its Program Offerings for the month of January to March 2010. The Course will tackle seven topics such as Nursing Skills Fair 1 and 2, EKG Basic Interpretation, Basic Life Support (BLS), Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Acute Brain Attack and Basic Critical Care Course.

EKG Basic Interpretation will provide participants relevant information necessary to help nurses interpret EKG. The course will provide a review of the electrocardiography, components of waveform and systemic approach in analyzing EKG.

Basic Life Support (BLS) is an eight hour course that will provide nurses various core concepts and skills of Adult CPR, Resque Breathing, Foreign Body Airway Obstructions Management.

Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) course was designed to nurses who participates on patient resuscitation in various settings. This course will enhance nurses knowledge and skills during the treatment of cardiac arrest and other cardiopulmonary emergency problems. The course is accredited by American Heart Association (AHA) which will apply simulated clinical scenarios that encourages active and hands on participation through various learning situations.

Nursing Skills Fair will help nurses to update their selves on current health care and Nursing advancement. The course will provide knowledge to the participants about common nursing procedures used in health care settings.

Acute Brain Attack will provide nurses with the latest information about stroke, its diagnosis, treatment and management including stroke rehabilitation. the course will strengthen nurses clinical practice through application of principles and concepts.

Basic Critical Care Course is a five day program that will provide participants an overview of critical care nursing practice. The course will provide opportunity for nurses to enhance their critical thinking skills by integrating the knowledge about the disease, assessment, intervention and management. It is a four day didactic and one day practicum that will allow participants to develop their skills necessary in a simulated environment.

Registration and Pre-registration:

Deadline of Pre-registration is two (2) weeks before the course, on site fees will be paid on the day of registration.

Fees are sorted as follows:

For CCNAPI members who wish to pre-register 2 weeks before the course:

Updates: P600, BLS: P600, ECG: P1500, ACLS:P3500 , BCCC: P3500 , NSF1:P1700 , NSF2:P2500 , ABA: P1000.

For non-members:

Updates: P700, BLS: P700, ECG: P1700, ACLS:P3700 , BCCC: P3700 , NSF1:P2000 , NSF2:P2700 , ABA: P1200.

On site Fees:

CCNAPI Members:

Updates: P800, BLS: P800, ECG: P1700, ACLS:P3700 , BCCC: P4000 , NSF1:P2000 , NSF2:P2700 , ABA: P1200.

Non-Member Onsite Fees:

Updates: P1000, BLS: P1000, ECG: P2000, ACLS:P4000 , BCCC: P4500 , NSF1:P2300 , NSF2:P3000 , ABA: P1500.

For further details please contact Critical Care Nurses Association of the Philippines Inc., 8th Floor Medical Arts Building, Philippine Heart Center, East Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines. Tel: 925 2401 loc 3823. Mobile: 0921 9790450/0922 8173210 or visit CCNAPI website at http://ccnapi.net.ph.

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