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The November 2009 Nurse Licensure Exam was scheduled on November 29 and 30, 2009. As part of our commitment to help thousand of aspiring Filipino nurses, the Nurses' Pad provided you a last minute instructions for the upcoming Nurse Licensure Exam. Here are some things to remember in preparation for the said exam.

What to do days before Examination?

  • Visit your school and building assignment for environment and transport familiarization. Your school/building assignment will be posted at the PRC premises two to three working days before the examination.
  • Consume well-balanced foods, avoid gastric irritants and have adequate rest and sleep.
  • Prepare all materials needed for NLE (pencils, PRC docs, black ballpens, sharpeners and etc.)
What to do on the day of Examination?
  • Wake up as early as you can and have a light breakfast on the day of exam.
  • Report to the Test Center before 6:30 A.M. on the first day of examination to verify your room and seat numbers. NOTE: Late examinees will not be admitted (Res. 2004-211 Series of 2004)
  • Attend your personal needs before the start of examination. No examinee will be allowed to go out of the examination room while the examination is in progress.
What to wear on Examination Days?
  • MALE: Clinical Uniform with white shoes without nameplate, school logo or pin.
  • FEMALE: Clinical Uniform with white shoes and stockings without nameplate, school logo or pin. White Clinical Scrub Suit for pregnant woman and repeaters.
For more information please ask your nearest PRC office.

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What to bring on Examination Days?
  • Notice of Admission (NOA)
  • Application Stub
  • PRC official Receipt
  • Two or more pencils (No. 2)
  • Ballpens with BLACK INK only
  • One (1) piece Metered-Stamped Window Envelope
  • One (1) piece Long Brown Envelope
  • One (1) piece Long Transparent (non-colored) Plastic Envelope
  • Sharpener, Wrist watch, Light Snacks, Non- programmable Calculators (those only prescribed by PRC), Medications (anti-diarrheal, cold and pain meds) and bottled water with labels removed (OPTIONAL)
What to do Before, During and After the Exams?
  • Pray prior starting any examination.
  • Listen and pay attention to the instructions given by the Room Watchers.
  • Check the Serial Number of Examinee Identification Sheet and Answer Sheets. If any discrepancy, return the set to your Room Watchers for replacement.
  • Check if there if there are any unnecessary marks on your Examinee Identification sheets and Answer sheets. Do not fold or mutilate the Examinee and Answer sheets.
  • Before detaching an answer sheet, check if the brown envelope is yours and the set inside belongs to you
  • Always put your answer sheet on the top of armchair while taking the examination.
  • Stop answering the test questions at the end of the time allotted for the subject.
  • Arrange your test papers as follows: Notice of Admission (NOA), Answer Sheet and the Questionnaire.
  • Do not leave the room until your test papers are received by the Room Watchers and you have signed and indicate the time and set (A or B) on the Examination Record of Attendance and the lower portion of your Notice of Admission (NOA).

Good Luck and God Bless November 2009 Nurse Licensure Examinees!

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