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Noel RN

Section 20 of Republic Act 7392, otherwise known as the Philippine Midwifery Act of 1992, stipulates the registration of registered nurses who aspire to take the midwifery licensure examination:

Registration of Nurse-Midwife. - Certification of registration may be issued to registered nurses who pass the examination for midwives:

Provided, That the nurse, before being allowed to take examination show evidence to the Board of having actually handled twenty (20) delivery cases as certified to by the director or chief of a duly registered or recognized hospital, or by the proper municipal, city, or provincial health officer.

Requirements for Registered Nurses for the Midwifery Licensure Examinations on November 14 & 15, 2009 (Saturday & Sunday) by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) should complete the following requirements:

1. NSO Birth Certificate (Original and Photocopy)
2. NSO Marriage Certificate/Contract (for female married only) (Original and Photocopy)
3. Official Transcript of Records with scanned picture and remarks "For Board Exam Purposes" (Original and Photocopy)
4. Four (4) pcs. passport size (preferably 1.5 x 1.5 inches) colored pictures with complete nametag
5. Community Tax Certificate or cedula (Original and Photocopy)
6. Registered Nurse Board Certificate issued by the PRC (Original and Photocopy)
7. Registered Nurse PRC License card (Original and Photocopy)
8. Duly notarized Record of Deliveries Handled (Original and Photocopy) PRC Case Completion Form for the 20+5+5 requirement can be downloaded here.
9. Examination fee of Php 600.00

Deadline of Filing of Application: October 26, 2009, Monday

The midwifery examinations will be held in Manila, Baguio, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Legazpi, Tacloban, Tuguegarao & Zamboanga.

The scope of examination for the practice of midwifery shall consist of the ff:

1. Infant care and feeding;
2. Obstetrical anatomy and physiology;
3. Principles of bacteriology as applied to midwifery practice;
4. Obstetrics;
5. Midwifery procedures;
6. Domiciliary midwifery;
7. Community hygiene and first aid;
8. Nutrition;
9. Ethics of midwifery practice;
10. Primary health care;
11. Professional Growth and Development;
12. Family planning; and
13. Other subjects which the Board may deem necessary for addition or inclusion from time to time.

Ratings in the Board Examination. - To be qualified as having passed the board examination for midwives, a candidate must obtain a general rating of seventy five percent (75%) in the written test with no grade lower than fifty percent (50%) in any subject.

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43 Responses
  1. glitzdelight Says:

    i just pass the NLE '09..
    Are we not allowed to take the midwifery exam this november because we still dont have our prc licences?

  2. regarding to ur concern about Midwifery board exam, yup u cant take the Midwifery Board exam without a Nurse License. License card is one requirement before taking the said exam.

    visit this link for the requirements of midwifery licensure exam.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    i passed the November 2008 NLE, but still as of now i don't have yet my PRC license but I already completed the midwifery cases...

    i have already the Board Certicate but no license yet, am i not allowed to take the midwifery exam?

  4. YoungEvent Says:

    panu macomplete ung dr cases for the requirements for midwifery exam,RN dn kc ako?sang hospital d2 sa manila pwedeng magcompletion.Kailangan pa ba ng Board Certificate?kasi tinanung ko sa prc about sa board certficate ng mga pumasa na mga nurses nung nov 2008 nle,wla pa daw eh.june 2008 nle pa daw ang nirrelease nila,panu yan?pero may license na ako.

  5. lach Says:

    ma'am good am.. i would like to ask if pwede ung receipt kaya ng nung binyaran sa PRC at ung stub for the license and board rating? bka makalusot kaya kmi sa PRC?? http://pinoynurse.blog.com thank you po.. :):)

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Good day Sir/Madam:

    With my success of passing the June 09 NLE, its my desire to take the November 2009 MLE. Is this my last chance to take the board exam for the reason that the next June 2009 MLE requires a 4-year course of Midwifery? Thanks. I will appreciate any idea. thanks..

  7. dianne Says:

    I just passed the June NLE... regarding the cases, in IV injections does that mean that we also need IVT license to be able to do that? Thanks. Oh my. Still lot of things to do...

  8. Anonymous Says:

    ano po ba ung +5+5 n cases.. kac akala ko 20 deliveries lng po ang required n cases..

  9. Anonymous Says:

    hello po, i would like to ask, merun na po akong cases and license, but i dont have the board certificate pa, will they allow me to take the test? thanks!:)

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Hello po,

    I've just passed the June 2009 NLE. I have some questions lang po regarding the midwifery cases:

    1. Meron po kasi column kung saan ilalagay po yung name nung hospital, and meron din pong column na i-che2ck if home delivery. Mostly po kasi nung cases ko ay home deliveries, kapag po ba ganun ang ilalagay ko na lang po ba sa column nung hospital is NONE - kasi po puro home deliveries po yung akin.

    2. Yung regarding po ba sa sutures, is it necessary that it was performed in the hospital?

    Thanks, I hope you can help me on this. Lapi na po kasi deadline, :)

  11. bakekang Says:

    meron pa po bang midwifery exam for RNs next year? Gustong gusto ko tlgang magtake kaso di ko pa nacocomplete ung requirements eh.

  12. aseyus Says:


    @glitzdelight: no you can't. actual license is needed.. kasi po ung mga cases na dapat ong ihahandle sa deliveries is the date after ur registration.

    @anonymous: no po. need tlga ng license. trust me.

    @young event: nkapag request ka na ba ng certificate of passing? mabilis lng un. or pwede mong ipa express lane. makukuha mo sya within the day..mas mahal nga lang..

    @lach: no po. sori.

    @anonymous: april ata or may ung next.. 2010.. pero wala pa daw announcement na di na pwede ang nurse-midwife.

    @bakekang: april/may 2010.. i think..

  13. Pam Says:

    Hello Sir/Ma'am! Saan pwede kumuha ng cases? Could you please post the list of Hospital or Lying-ins that would allow me for cases completion. Please, hoping for a reply for this. Thank you.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    hi guyz what should be the attire on the day of the exam of midwifery if you are a nurse? bcoz i'm gonna take the exam dis comming sat and sun and i dont know the attire and my testing venue >,,<

  15. christyara Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. christyara Says:

    good day po..
    i am an RN just ds june 2009..i was not able to take the midwifery exam ds nov 2009 coz i still dnt have my PRC license...i just wanna ask if there is a new regulation regarding nurses who want to take the midwifery board?? because there are speculations that nurses will not be allowed to take midwifery board anymore..that they need to enroll a midwifery course before taking it....pls help coz i am planning to take midwifery exam next year..thank you po...
    sbi kc til ds year nlng ung regulation na ung mga nurses pwdeng magtake ng midwifery exam?? is it true or pwede p nxt year..pls help po..thanks..

  17. dwight legaspi Says:

    hi. i passed. RN RM. i just wanna ask if u guys know an RN who took the exam na indi pumasa ng RM exam?

    test4 nosebleed. haha! phc is not really not my cup of tea.

    congrats to those who passed as well. and i overheard in prc that the nov2009 exam will be the last opportunity for RNs to take the RM exam without schooling. idk if there was truth to it.

    email me.


  18. dwight legaspi Says:

    licensed was not necessary. i know someone who just showed her claim slip in filing.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    i just want yo know when will be the board exam for 2010, and where can i get reviewers? and i also want to know when is the registration for the next board exam in midwifery.. thank you

  20. Anonymous Says:

    april is the next exam. i only got the chance to read "OB" by SIA and "ethics for midwives" due to time constraints all of which are filipino authors btw. haha! only to find out na may PHC, CDD, EPI pala sa exam! tsk. IMCI as well.

  21. yogz Says:

    Is it true that the next June 2009 MLE requires a 4-year course of Midwifery? i really wanted to take the said examination Thanks. I will appreciate any idea. thanks..

  22. ma. zysa mae Says:

    zysa here..

    Oh my Gosh!! wag naman sana akong maiwan sa trip...kakukuha ko pa lang ng RN EXAM this Nov 29,30 and still waiting and hoping for the good result nextyear....and im dying to be a CNM someday...

    huhuhuhuhuhuhu...hope meron pa exam for midwifery..

  23. SHASHA Says:


    ask lang poh sana ako..
    kapag wla ka pang license( still waiting for the result) at mag vuvulonter ka.. yong mga cases ba na makukuha mo as vulonter pwd mo ba magamit yon as requirements mo sa pagkuha ng RM EXAM???

    pls response

  24. janah Says:

    hello po.. I just want to ask kung pede pa po ba magtake ng Midwifery exam mga RN this coming 2010? kasi po balibalita sa paligidligid na last exam ndaw po ng mga RN wanna be midwife this last nov. 2009... salamat po..

  25. Anonymous Says:

    pwede pa po bang magtake ng midwifery board exam ang mga nurses sa April 2010? at pano po yung completion ng cases? sino po yung papipirmahin sa case forms?

  26. Anonymous Says:

    sobrang interested po kasi ako. sana po may magreply about sa question ko.. maraming salamt po ^_^

  27. YNAP Says:

    Guys, I just came from PRC last week, they say that we can STILL take the exam this April. I'll be filling my application on Monday.

    Regarding the cases, since the April 8 deadline is nearing, its best if you just ask the cases from your connections. only an RM or a OB-gyne MD can sign your cases.

    The exam is on April 28-29, 2010. Good luck to all

    If you have questions, just e-mail me at cedarebellion@yahoo.com

  28. schizoid Says:

    hello,,i just want to ask if counted padin yung cases na ginawa noong student ako,,pumasa lang ako noong june then i want to take the exam,i think it's very hard to complete the cases since february na.huhu

    what about sa next na exam not this april still pwde padin kaya magtake basta macomplete lang yung 20-5-5?


  29. avian Says:

    mam i still don't have the board certificate because i'm a nov 2009 passer.. is it possible to just show the cert of board rating and passing plus the prc liscence... and is it really required that cases should be handled after the registration date?
    thank you!

  30. avian Says:

    mam i still don't have the board certificate because i'm a nov 2009 passer.. is it possible to just show the cert of board rating and passing plus the prc liscence... and is it really required that cases should be handled after the registration date?
    thank you!

  31. Anonymous Says:

    i tried to apply for the midwifery exam for nov. 2010. they told me that they got a new form for the nurse's wanna be midwife. Can you please submit to me the new form? potatocouch27@yahoo.com or post the link. this would be a GREAT help. Thank you!

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Hi!new form is available in prc.Just ask the info window as to where can you avail the new form.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    i am an RN.pwede pa po bang mag take ng exam for midwifery this coming 2011? paano po icocomply ung mga cases? kailangan po ba mgwork ako sa isang hospital or ask lng permision sa hospital na may cases ka na icocomplete for midwifery? pls help me..

  34. Anonymous Says:

    i passed the november 2009, im planning to take the midwifery exam, pwede pa po ba? Im a volunteer in RHU birthing home pwede po ba ako kumuha dito ng cases. When din po yung deadline for filing at schedule ng interview kasi meron daw pong interview eh.. Thanks

  35. Anonymous Says:

    hi.. hindi ko kc maintindihan, RN ako and im planning to take the midwifery exam nagung nov. sabi nila may interview na daw ngaun un.. complete na ko ng cases.. good thing sa or-dr ng hospital ako naka assign kya lng my concern is sa handled cases, hindi ako ung totally nag hadle kc ung OB-gynecologist nila ung gumawa.. valid ba un khit assist lng ung
    gnawa ko?? thanks.. wait ko po reply nyo.. u can send me email @ chicletinsomniac@gmail.com ... thank u very much

  36. Anonymous Says:

    RN na po ako, i just wanna clarify if yung 20 cases ba ay pwedeng pure hospital cases?

  37. Anonymous Says:

    is it true that the signatories for the suturing nd IV cases need to be trained for suturing nd iV themselves.,.,yon ang sabi nila..my goodness..balik cases na nmn ako nito

  38. Anonymous Says:

    is it true that the signatories for the suturing nd IV cases need to be trained for suturing nd iV themselves.,.,yon ang sabi nila..my goodness..balik cases na nmn ako nito

  39. Anonymous Says:

    handwritten lang yung cases sa official form o typewritten? thanks po

  40. Anonymous Says:

    good day!

    hi.is there a new requirements for those who want to take up the midwifery examination? i just passed the nle exam last june 2013...early thank you for your replies...

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Hi! I am a Registered Nurse, interested in taking this year's Midwifery boards. I have already checked the necessary reqts (20 cases, 5 IV, 5 sutures, and some documents from school, hosp where you get your cases from, attending RM/MD). My next step would be completion of cases. Can you guys give any suggestion of hospitals within Metro Manila that could accommodate me? A list, or contact person/s, maybe? Thanks.

  42. Koochi Says:

    Would like to ask where can I take a refresher course for nursing graduates who wanted to take the nurse licensure examination. I graduated 2006, but never took the nle yet and planning to take the boards soon. Thanks!

  43. Nursing Jobs Says:

    I like your blog a lot. Its informative and full of information. Thank you for sharing.

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