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Nursing Assessment is the first major phase of nursing process. it involves a set of actions by which the nurse measures the status of the family as a client, its ability to maintain it self as a system and functioning unit, and its ability to maintain wellness, prevent and control or resolve problems in order to achieve health and well being among its members.

There are three major steps in nursing assessment as applied to family nursing practice.

A. DATA COLLECTION - is the process of gathering of data which will generate the categories of health conditions or problems of the family and describes the family's realities, perception and attitude towards health.

Types of Data in Family Nursing Assessment:

First Level assessment:

  • Family structure, characteristics and dynamics.
  • Socio-economic and cultural characteristics.
  • Home and environment
  • Health status of each member
  • Values and practices on health promotion, maintenance and disease prevention
Second Level assessment:
  • Family's assumption of health tasks on each Health conditon/problem identifoed in first-level assessment
Methods and Tools in Data Gathering:
  1. Observation
  2. Physical Examination
  3. Interview
  4. Record Review
  5. Laboratory/Diagnostic Test
B. DATA ANALYSIS - process of sorting out and classifying or grouping the datas according to its type and nature.
  • Sorting of Data
  • Clustering/Grouping Related Data
  • Distinguishing Relavant from Irrelevant Datas
  • Identifying Problems
  • Comparing Patterns with Norms or Standards
  • Interpreting Results
  • Making Interferences/Drawing of Conclusions
C. Nursing Diagnosis - a wellness state or health condition/problems becomes a nrsing problem when it is stated as the family's failure to peroform adequately specific health tasks to enhance the wellness state or manage health problems.

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