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Cleansweep RN


  • Plans and organizes the nursing service of the health unit
  • Participates in the preparation of municipal health plan
  • Participates in the implementation of municipal health plan
  • Implements the nursing service plan
  • Monitors and evaluates the implementation of the nursing service plan
  • Initiates for the improvement of services
  • Manages the RHU in the absence of Rural Health Physician


  • Participates in the meeting the training needs of midwives, student affiliates and other trainees


  • Formulates a supervisory plan
  • Implements supervisory plan
  • Monitors and evaluates midwives performance in the implementation of public health programs
  • Maintains records and reports

Provision of Health and Nursing Care

  • Identifies health needs and problems of individual, families and communities
  • Formulates individual, family and community nursing/health care plan
  • Coordinates with individual groups and agencies for resource assistance in implementing nursing care plan
  • Implements health care plans for individuals, families and the community
  • Evaluates nursing interventions and other components of care provided to individuals, families and communities.

Health Education

  • Identifies clients need for health education
  • Conducts health education activities
  • Assess the effects of health education activities to the capabilities of clients


  • Identifies persons, groups, organizations, and other agencies and communities whose resource are available within and outside the community and which can be tapped in the implementation of individual, family and community health care
  • Refers patients to other health personnel, health facility or government agency

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