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Cleansweep RN

The LIFESAVERS CIRCLE, a premiere first-aid training firm in Cebu, manned by a competent training director and instructors who have undergone training in life-saving techniques with RESCUE 911 in Virginia, USA will conduct a comprehensive rescuer training & workshop on November 24-25, 2008 at Iloilo City Philippines. For information and inquiries please call Cebu Medical Review Center, 2nd Floor Daclis Building, Bonifacio Drive, Iloilo City, Philippines at (033) 857-0319 or mobile number 0909-9676693. Registration Fee is Php. 2,500.00.


    • FREE morning & afternoon snacks
    • Professional I.D & THREE (3) Certificates recognized by (all US based) will be given:
      American EHS/CPR
      American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons-Emergency Care & Safety Institute
      Emergency first Response Corp.
      National Safety Council


    • Emergency Cardiac & Professional Care
    • Basic Life Support for adults, children & infants
    • Choking Management
    • Resuscitation adjuncts in external defibrillation use
    • Special Resuscitation in suction devices
    • Emergency oxygen use
8 Responses
  1. Miss Loro Says:

    I have taken a course from this lifesavers circle group. The instructor issued a card which was not accepted. Just wanted to say that you should be careful. It seems that there is really a card coming from the institute which is the one acceptable and the instructor from lifesavers circle is issuing cards that are not from the institute. He is just printing his own card, and when I submitted the card abroad, it was invalid. So when you take the course, make sure that the instructor will issue the international cards...

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Miss Loro.,lifesavers circles issues two certification, a local which is obviously the cheaper in price, and a international card under EFR and ECSI which is a bit costly..what you had is the local certification, that is why it was not accepted, i had the international provider certification and i didn't encounter any problem so far. anyway whats important is the skills that is shared by lifesavers circle, and they have the very competent instructors..I'm sure you learned something from them

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hi I have taken the course from the sad club. It was held in Bohol. We were deceive by Mr. Agbay considering that we were told that it was an international training and halfway, he advised us to pay additional payment for an international card. Why do we have to when at first they promoted that it was an international course. Please verify your information regarding Mr. Agbay going to the states. I have asked my contact from the immigration and there was never any entry of Mr. Agbay going to the United States. Most likely he is referring to a local training held in Manila where some so called rescue 911 trained EMTs for one week. Very funny indeed. Even EMT basic will take more than that. This will only show that he is indeed very deceiving. I feel pity for all of those who have joined his training and receive a fake card. You can even verify ECSI since they do not allow any person to issue local cards... I know that now since I am already here in the United States. I personally went to ECSI headquarters to verify. I also sent a copy of the wall certificate he issued and it also bears no authority. In other words, what he issued has no clearance from ECSI. If you do not believe me, scan your certification and send it to www.ecsinstitute.org.

  4. Amanda Carpio Says:

    Hi there, I agree with you. I have negative experience with Mr. Agbay. I am from Dumaguete and I have taken his course. We paid a higher amount and sad to note that it was a local card. I have made a point to advise everyone so that they won't become victims. I have taken another course in Amdream this time with a different instructor. We have paid P2000 only and the issued cards were all from the United States. I was able to join Mr. Agbays training due to his ads on OLX. Unfortunately, the ads were no longer there. He must have deleted it due to negative comments. You can see it for yourself here are the links: http://lapulapucityopon.olx.com.ph/first-aid-cpr-instructor-iid-2166200


    Last time I check this there were some people who posted about their bad experience with the said guy... This must be the reason why he deleted the ads.

  5. Hazel Says:

    Hi Miss Loro, I am also from Dumaguete City. I have joined the course provided by Mr. Agbay of Lifesaver's Circle. He told us that the cards issued were of international acceptance and charge us 3 thousand plus. The cards were of plastic materials which are quite good with his pictures at the back. Unfortunately it was not accepted when I submitted it abroad. Luckily I was able to join another course from another provider from American Dream. They only charge 2 thousand pesos and the cards were from ECSI U.S.A. I would say that you have to be careful with dealing with Mr. Agbay....

  6. Vincent Says:

    You can read more of this guys deceit on this link: http://allnurses.com/international-nursing/guys-anybody-who-465799.html#post4334478

    Do be careful. If I were you I would not take a course from this guy. I am also calling those who have been victims like me to post their comment here.

  7. stoic Says:

    If you think you have been deceived by this person, why didn't you report it to the authority? Tapos ngayon, lumabas pa na nag advertise kayo ng isang training center. May address sa certificate ninyo, hindi ba? Hindi nagtatago ang taong yan. Ang may problema dito eh kayo, naninira ng ibang training center para makapag advertise ng iba!!! haaayzzz...

  8. Anonymous Says:

    That is right, better report the incident so that everything will be clarified. If you have this fake cards, I suggest you scan them and send them to the contact us form of EFR or ECSI... from there post the reply here just to clarify everything....

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