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Cleansweep RN

As a nursing junior, a nursing cap (for females),pin (for males) and a lamp was given during the capping and candle lighting ceremony in honor of remembrance of Florence Nightingale, the pioneer of Nursing. The lamp is a symbol of lady who gave birth to modern nursing by her caring, compassionate, and concern for humanity. The lamp is a reminder of the art of caring and compassion a nursing student can make a difference in other’s lives. The lamp carried by Florence Nightingale served as an inspiration when nursing tasks seemed almost too heavy to carry.

Originally, nurses wore the practical white pleated cap and apron of a maid servant, signifying respectability, cleanliness and servitude. As the nursing profession gained recognition, nurses’ cap became less utilitarian and more symbolic, a badge of office and achievement, perched on top of the head.

The nurses’ cap dates back to early times when a woman’s humility and obedience were denoted by the veil she wore and her head. In the older times, the nurses’ cap was worn to cover their hair so as not to create disturbance during her ward work. The attempt to make a cap in every school different has resulted in some unique patterns. A nurses’ cap with her school pin and badge is one of her distinctive marks. Today, However in these times of challenging development, the nurses; cap should mean more than just a physical adornment on the head. The cap symbolizes responsibility. It also means acceptance the humility and the ability to work on any area assigned to him or her. It also symbolizes morality; hence the color white that is a nurse character must be one of the unimpeachable quality that she should be a model, a person to admire and to follow.

Lastly, nurses’ cap symbolizes duty and commitment, commitment not only to her self and to the immediate environs but rather commitment and a total skill; promotion of healthy people to create a healthy nation.

For the Romans, caduceus served as symbol of moral equilibrium and of good conduct. The wand represents the power; the two snakes wisdoms, the wings diligence; and the helmet is emblem of lofty thoughts. According to esoteric Buddhism, the wand of the caduceus corresponds to the access of the world and the serpents refers to the force called Kundalini, which in Jantrist teaching sleeps collide up at the base of the backbone thus a symbol evolutive power of pure energy. The two S – shapes of the serpents corresponds to illness and convalescence. In reality what defines caduceus is nature and meaning not so much of each individual element as of the composite whole.

In the caduceus balanced duality is twice stated: and the serpents and in the wings, there by emphasizing the supreme sates of strength and self control (and consequently of health) which can be achieved both on the lower plain of the instincts (symbolized by the serpents) and on the higher level of the spirit (represented by the wings).

Now is the beginning of life long commitment to learning. Nurses are patient advocate on therefore has an obligation to constantly add to each specialized body of knowledge and skills. Nursing is a professional occupation and professionalism requires a commitment to technical and clinical expertise. Nurses are in a unique position to belonging to a profession that combines science and technology with caring and a desire to improve public health.
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