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Cleansweep RN
An object is sterile only when it is free of all microorganisms. Sterile technique is practiced in operating rooms, labor and delivery rooms, and special diagnostic areas. The technique is employed for many procedures in general care areas such as administering medications and injections, changing wound dressings, catheterization and intravenous therapy. In all these situations, principle of surgical asepsis is applied.

The purpose of the surgical hand scrub is to reduce resident and transient skin flora or bacteria/ microorganisms to a minimum. Other purpose includes reducing the risk of transmission of microorganisms and cross-contamination among clients. Proper hand scrubbing provides the patient with the best possible barrier against pathogenic bacteria in the environment and against bacteria from the surgical team. Before beginning the hand scrub, don a surgical cap or hood that covers all hair, both head and facial, and a disposable mask covering your nose and mouth.

There are two types of surgical hand washing namely, Time method and Brush-stroke method. Time method use a clock or some timing device to measure brushing time, the length of the scrub varies from one institution to another. This method has been most frequently used in the past. While the Brush-stroke method of surgical hand washing uses prescribed number of brush-strokes, applied lengthwise of the brush or sponge, and it is used for each surface of the fingers, hands, and arms. The practitioner should strictly follow the following prrocedures in performing the surgical hand washing.

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