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Cleansweep RN

“Sometimes those things that attract the most attention to us are the things which afford us the greatest privacy." - Tom Robbins

The Right to Privacy refers to your right to be left alone. When something is private to a person, it usually means there is something within them that is considered inherently special or personally sensitive. The degree to which private information is exposed therefore depends on how the public will receive this information, which differs between places and over time. In contrast, invasion of privacy refers primarily to a public figure's right to be left alone by the media, not necessarily a physical intrusion into one's private property or personal space. Invasion of privacy charges are typically presented in a civil lawsuit against media that have crossed a perceived line into an individual’s private life, or have used his or her resemblance in an unauthorized public manner. There are several ways a person's right to privacy can be invaded. The most common privacy invasions recognized by law are as follows: False Light, this type of invasion of privacy occurs when an individual is falsely portrayed in a highly offensive manner. Disclosure of Private Facts, this type of invasion occurs when private or embarrassing facts are revealed about an individual without relation to a legitimate public concern. Intrusion, this is where someone intrudes upon a person in a situation in which that person has a reasonable expectation of privacy.

The most controversial video of invasion of privacy in the Philippines these days is on YouTube. The video was first aired last April 15 on the said website. It is a video of an operating room procedure conducted at Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center in Cebu City, wherein the medical practitioners removed a foreign object lodged in a patient’s rectum. The operation was for the removal of a perfume container that got stuck in the patient’s rectum after the patient admitted that he had a sexual encounter with a male partner. Issues of violation of patient confidentiality, hospital protocol and unprofessional conduct of medical staff are confronting the said hospital, which has so far withheld of the doctors and health care team involved. The hospital released its findings and recommendations even as its head was summed on to Manila for investigation. The said findings were, three doctors and one nurse in the medical team involved in the operation will face administrative case for possible violation of conduct and ethical standards; A clinical instructor alluded to by the staff who misbehaved was banned from the hospital and a student allegedly responsible for uploading the video to YouTube should be endorsed to his or her school for disciplinary action. According to the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) & Philippine Nurses Association (PNA), if the medical team who conducted the operation was found violating the code of ethics, the doctors and nurses could be expelled from the association. Basing on the SOP in each hospital, no one is allowed to take pictures or videos while the operation is going on unless it is with the consent of the patient and for educational purposes. We should follow and implement the policies of the hospital and respect the privacy of each individual undergoing an operation. It was stated in the code of ethics that we must protect the records and information of our clients. This is a lesson not only for nurses, doctors and other allied health team but for everybody.

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